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Elm Sideboard

Elm and Walnut Sideboard
Sideboard 2
Sideboard 3
Sideboard 4
Inside of cupboard
Cock bead
Drawer handle
Leg Detail
Elm top


Suffolk Elm & Walnut Sideboard

Made with clients' own timber


There is a nice story behind the design of this piece. The Elm came from the local farm 30-35 years ago when Dutch Elm disease was rife. The tree was felled and cut into planks locally and stored in what is now my workshop by the previous carpenter. A local gentleman from the village bought the Elm and stored it for about twenty years, he also had a Walnut tree from his own garden planked. After I moved into the workshop he commissioned me to make him a sideboard from the timber to give to his son as a gift, as he is emigrating to Australia and thought it would be a piece of home to take with him.


Drawer bases and cock beading are made from Walnut, the rest is Elm. 


Cost of a similar item would be around £2,800 plus timber 

Size: 1500mm wide x 460 deep x 850 high.