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Oak Breakfront Bookcase

Rough Drawing of Oak Bookcase
Sketch of Bookcase with Desk open
Breakfront Oak Bookcase
Main view of bookcase
Side view of bookcase
Cornice detail
Cornice and ceiling
Bottom pilasters
Desk unit
Desk out
Desk and doors open
Pilaster slider
Pilaster slider out
Desk half out
Pull Out Desk
Cupboard doors
Doors close up
Drawers and shelves
Drawer close up
Inner cupboards
Solid brass logo plate


Oak Breakfront Bookcase

with a secret pull out desk.

Spanning nearly 5 metres wide and 2.8 high, this probably is my most impressive commission yet, its main feature is a secret pull out desk.

This project took over 600 hours to design, construct and install but will be enjoyed for generations.

In the evening florescent tubes hidden from view light up the plaster cherubs on the ceiling whilst creating a soft ambient glow for the living room.